moving bootmgr

I plan on using the instructions in "Changing the Vista Boot Drive" but I have 4 questions first. I have 3 partitions on disk0 (Win7 production, Win7 test, and System Reserved). The bootmgr and associated files and folders were placed on System Reserved and I want to move them to Win7 production.

1. I presume that the command mbrfix.exe /drive 0 fixmbr /vista /yes would be changed to mbrfix.exe /drive 0 fixmbr /win7 /yes.

2. after I do the sequence of commands will my boot settings still have 2 entries as it does now or just the entry for the system I am using when I run the commands?

3. I can do this activity from either of my Win7 environments - is there any advantage to using one or the other when I actually do the deed [e.g., being able to mark the new boot partition as active]?

4. is there any difference to this approach vs. using BCD Backup/Repair - Change Boot Drive?

The documentation in the wiki is old.

Changing the boot drive is as easy as BCD Backup/Repair | Change Boot Drive.

It'll do (literally) everything for you, including moving BOOTMGR, updating the MBR, updating the bootsector, migrating all entries from the old BCD to the new, and even setting the active partition.
Worked perfectly. After running the boot manager was on the destination drive. After booting the destination drive was marked properly and the system reserved drive was no longer marked as a system partition - just a normal partition. I was then able to delete the offending boot manager and .BAK file from system reserved. The Boot folder showed some resistance but I removed it using unlocker 1.9.

Now clean, backed up using True Image, and ready for the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. Many thanks.