moving from dual boot to single W7


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I have a dual boot XP SP3 and Win7Pro/64. The XP is on the first partition of a HDD, and the Win7 is on a new SSD in a single partition.

I have removed the legacy XP entry with BCDEdit so that Win7 boots directly from a restart.

What I want to do is only keep W7, and only have the SSD as the boot drive. Right now, I can't delete or remove the old XP partition as it has the boot files I suppose.

Can I use EasyBCD 2Beta to create the necessary boot file/structure on the SSD so that the original HDD is no longer part of the boot process, and I can finally remove this partition?

I tried repairing the system with the Win7 OS disk, but it keeps the HDD in the loop instead of creating the necessary boot structure on the SSD.



Ok I think I figured it out.

I used EasyBCD 2 Diagnostics Center to recreate boot files on my SSD, and then changed the boot drive to the SSD. I made sure my SSD partition was "active".

I then restarted and went into the BIOS to select my SSD as the first boot drive. On reboot, Win7 came on, no problem.

I could then go into disk management and delete the old XP partition on the HDD to create a new one.

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Hi gg2.
Glad you managed to solve your problem even before I found this thread... :tongueout:

I would have suggested using EasybCD's Change Boot Drive function, but I see its not needed, since you found it yourself.

Thanks for this post. I was about to ask the same question. I am dual booting Win XP Pro SP3 and Win 7 Pro on the same drive, separate partitions and want to remove XP and keep Win 7