Moving my documents etc to another drive after reinstalltion of vista?


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Well I'm finally reinstalling vista because its so messed up its my last alternative, basically after the reinstall

i want to seperate my programs and documents so all programs and windows are on the C: Drive and all my files are on the D Drive, how can i move them from one to the other, I don't want to cut and paste it as then all the programs i use will get confused and won't be able to find the right file path

Whats the most effective and easiest way to achieve this, so that all programs recognise my files are on the D: Drive and there won't be any problems

Please can someone provide step by step instructions, thanks for everything

Go to the "special" folders in explorer (documents, pictures, music, video etc).
Right click / properties / location.
Put them where you want.
If you want to move the entire User\User Name folder structure off the C:\ disk, have a read of this.