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lol not away from this board.

This summer i may be moving back up to minnesota. I have been talking to Brown College in Minneaoplis through email and once on the phone.

my uncle went there and he is doing very well for himself.

it seems it will be costing me the same amount that im paying here in texas atm which is a good thing.

I will also be getting a Laptop for classes there.

the laptop is a HP 8510 W

just wondering what you all thought about that information. (my moving and the laptop)
^ yes sir ^_^

i lived there for the first 12 years of my life, moved to Delaware for 4 years and then ive been here in texas for almost three now
^ thanks ^_^

yeah i was looking at it earlier, it says its a mobile workstation.

Thats the machine that the College suggest you use for there online campus and what have you.

have you heard anything good about Brown College's IT programs?
For a second there I thought you were referring to Brown University in Rhode Island - Ivy League and all, of course. :wink:

Brown University

TBH, I haven't heard of Brown College's IT department; but that doesn't mean much. No one has heard of the University I attend either :wink:
That sounds good Kahai, and a nice laptop btw. Would you move at the end of the year or when? Plus how many years do you have left?
well, i would be moving in the summer. july most likely. maybe june.

i will be leaving Lamar University. For Brown College. From a 4 year Bachelor, to a 18 month Associate degree.

I think ill like that better then the university. It is nice. but 4 year is a long time with money.

I can also get a job with a company in Minneapolis, that will help lower my tuition costs and pay me to boot ^_^

i am really liking this, so i hope i get to!
Congrats Kahai. I wish you the best in your studies. Life is all about changes and to not be afraid of those changes. You are accepting them head on and with that strength you will be able to accomplish anything you put your mind to.
well good luck i according to my mathamicl calulations you are 19 years of age i thought you were more it just felt so but whatever good luck
Well i just found out from our realitor that we got the place we tried for. So as of May 1st i will be starting my move as well.
^ awesome mak! ^_^

and @ Ali,

im 18, it its true that i turn 19 this year, but i still have a couple months until june 23 ^_^
How many years have you been studying at college?
I mean 18 is kind of small for college, right? People tell me that im too small since im only 17, how about you?
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well normally you go to college right after you get out of highschool, so you would be 18 in college.

That is normal for state side.

and ive only been in college for almost two semesters now, this is my second one.
hmm good luck on your move alex according to my calculations i would be in college or at least done with high school while i';m still 16 by the way what a coincidence my birthday is june25