Mozy Online Back-Up Problems


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I installed MOZY FREE Backup software on my computer by following their instructions.
After installation, my computer kept freezing and then I got the Windows Blue Screen of Death!
Basically, MOZY FREE Backup CRASHED my computer. I could not even do a system restore. I had to restore my computer from scratch. I am still in the process of putting back all my programs and files, this is very time consuming.
Furthermore, after I backed up my files, I could not retrieve them using another computer. It kept telling me that I had to register and install MOZY Backup, it just would not retrieve my previous registration.
I am still not able to retrieve my files. Luckily, I kept local backups on some DVD's. MOZY may be free, but there is always a catch. Please be aware Mozy free backup could crash your computer?
Maybe that's how they get you; then they tell you have to purchase one of their plans???

FYI: I have 2GB of RAM and a 2.0 GHz AMD processor and it still CRASHED it!
Hi Max, welcome to NST.
Sorry to hear of your woes.
I can recommend the freeware EZBackitUp, which you can use safely to mirror your data files on a backup device. It runs very rapidly, (typically 30secs to mirror all your daily changed files) and needs no restore software.
Files can simply be dragged and dropped from the backup location if you accidentally delete or corrupt the original.