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My camera takes quite nice movies as a sideline to its main stills function, but they're saved in MP4 format which I have to view in Vista using Quicktime.
I have a habit of using the camera unattended on a tripod, recording 1 hour of video on a 1Gb xD card, to capture footage of elusive targets.
Last year, after recording about 20 hours, I captured the moment when a family of Wrens cautiously left one of the nests I'd placed under the thatch outside the bedroom window for their parents to breed in.
At the moment I'm capturing footage of a Barn Owl hunting along our hedgerows, having taken up residence in our log store.
What I end up with is generally one or two clips of 10 seconds duration, hidden in the middle of an hour of static background footage.
I need to be able to discard the unwanted 1020 Mb in every 1Gb, but Windows Movie Maker won't touch MP4.
My Adobe Premiere won't work under Vista, and is a little over-featured to do what I want.

Does anyone know of a nice Vista compatible freeware editor that can do a simple cut and discard on an MP4 file, so that I'm left with just the interesting clips. (I don't need complex movie making effects at this stage, just the ability to delete the junk and get back the 100Mb of my hard disk being wasted)


OK. Forget it chaps. Found something that does exactly what I wanted.
It doesn't claim to be Vista x64 compatible, but it sounded so much like what I wanted that I tried it anyway and it works perfectly.
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I already have software to do this (Purchased), but this looks like a great tool to throw out at ppl (I got friends/family that ask for software that is free that do these kinds of things). Thanks for posting the link.

* Goes and downloads it... :smile:
I've been using it all yesterday to go through the old clips and organize them (cut up and rename). It also has a great advantage over quicktime as a viewer because it doesn't take control of the graphics with the horrible flashing black screen. Just need to get rid of the spurious extra menu to click on startup, and the similar menu and promo for related software on exit, and it would be perfect to make the default program for MP4.