Msconfig - Boot Problems


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Hey guys,

I recently installed Windows 7 on my laptop. I created a partition and installed Windows 7 on one partition while having Windows Vista in the other Partition.

I recently went into msconfig and looked under the Boot Tab. I had 2 options to boot from, Windows 7 and Windows Vista. I accidentally deleted the Windows Vista Option.

So Now I when I turn on my computer I don't get an option of choosing which OS I want to boot from. It automatically chooses Windows 7.

I was wondering how can I have the option of booting from Windows Vista again..Please Help. I have BCD installed but I don't know what to change or add in order to get the 2 boot options again.

Thanks in Advance.
Hey Zitin, welcome to NST.
Just open up EasyBCD, go to the Add/Remove Entries section, select the Windows tab, and under the Type drop-down menu, pick "Windows Vista longhorn", or something to that effect. Under the drive menu, pick the partition that Vista is installed to. Now, simply click on Add Entry to create the new entry.
And then when you reboot, you will see an option to boot into either Win 7 or Vista. Pick Vista, and it should boot.