msiexec.exe starting/restarting in Task Manager

Hello All,

As I mention in the title of the thread msiexec.exe is continuously
starting/restarting in Task Manager! This machine was infected. However I've run numerous programs and I'm almost certain that's been cleared up. I could of course be wrong. The OS is XP sp3 (just updated from sp2). I have tried the "Disable Windows Installer in Services" trick. Tried "Unregister/Re-register Windows Installer". Tried running "System File Checker". Tried the "Windows Installer Cleanup Utility" Tried installing new copy of "Windows Installer". Just for fun I even ran CHKDSK! Now short of wiping the drive and reinstalling the OS; I would greatly appreciate any suggestions regarding this issue!!!!

Thank you in advance!!!

Restart in safe mode with F8 before Windows tries to load.
Start > Run > msconfig > Boot tab

Now disable basically everything except for your security software and restart.
Thank you

Thank you for your response kairozamorro. Unfortunately I had already tried that to no avail. Sadly, I gave up and whiped the drive. I think I had just had enough! I do however appriciate you taking a stab at it! Maybe someday I can return the favor?

Thanks again,