multi boot doesn't work

Hi all,
I'm trying to set up a multi boot on my laptop (lenovo Y450) between Windows 10, Windows 7 and Ubuntu 14.04.
First I created three primary partitions with windows dvd, then put windows 10 on the first partition and windows 7 on the second partition. (and easBCD 2.3 only installed on windows 10)

With Gparted-live cd I changed the third primary partition into an extended partition with three logical drives.
(more seems not possible?, error msg). The logical drives are set to root, swap (8GB) and home for the Ubuntu OS. Then I installed Ubuntu on these created logical drives.

After booting the laptop, the screen gives only the option to boot between ubuntu and windows 7. (see pic. 3, as if there is no easyBCD ). When i choose for windows 7, only windows 10 starts. Unable to start windows 7.

EasyBCD sees all the three OS, but i don't see a booting option screen, when starting the laptop.

No idea what i'm doing wrong and most information on the web is about two OS on one harddrive. Anybody who can help me or give a good link about my issue?


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When you installed Ubuntu, you let it take control of the boot process and it has overwritten the MBR to use grub instead of the Windows bootmgr
If you want bootmgr in control, you'll need to recover from your Window 10 installation DVD
Fixing the Windows Bootloader via the setup DVD
Then when W10 is booting, add entries for the other OSs with EasyBCD.
Thanks for your help Terry.
I could boot finally in all three OS, however sometimes the boot menu didn't appear and Windows 10 started immediately.
Finally decided it is to risky for me, as i could see the windows 10 OS partition, while using windows 7. Its waiting for trouble.
Just stick with windows 7 and ubuntu, windows doesn't show the Ext4 partitions.


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