Multi-boot - Hiding partitions?


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I looked around in the EasyBCD app and couldn't find what I was looking for.

I want to boot multiple OSes (and preferably have a menu at boot time), BUT I want ONLY the booted OSes partition to be visible. I want all others to be hidden and inaccessable. Is this possible with EBCD? A long time ago I had an app that would do what I'm looking for, but I think it was Partition Magic, which doesn't exist any more and any existing version almost definately won't work with the latest OSes. If EBCD can't hide the inactive partitions, is that something taht could be added, or if it can't, is there a good boot manager someone could suggest that can?
EasyBCD isn't a boot manager, just a manager for the MS boot manager's BCD.
MS have never made use of the "hide" bit in their boot managers, so you can't do what you want with the MS native boot manager, no matter whether you use EasyBCD or not.
Grub will do what you want, and in a Windows-only setup, you can use grub4dos.
Have a read of this, and you can see how you can customize a grub4dos boot to achieve what you want, with a different comination of hides and unhides.
That's a partition management tool which can set and unset the hide bit, like all partition managers, but I don't think it has a bootloader function, does it ?
What the OP needs is a boot manager with dynamic control of the hide bit.