Multi boot not working

Hi members.
I had easybcd working fine using win 8 and 7 on two separate hard drives. I installed a third hard drive and installed the same version of win 7. When the boot menu loads I have the option of win 8 and two win 7's, the latest one won't boot, it says to install the windows cd and do a boot repair. I'm afraid to do that in case I stuff the original boot setup.
When adding a new OP to the boot menu do I make it 'C' volume? There must be something I'm doing wrong when adding a new OP.
Any help is appreciated


Mostly Harmless
Staff member
Just add a new entry with EasyBCD and choose the letter as you see it from the Windows you're currently booted into.
For example, if you're booted into 8 and want to add 7 (visible from My Computer as E: ) then you would add it as E: