multi-boot problems - Win7-XP Home-XP Pro

I have a hard drive I use for testing. I had it partitioned into three drives or partitions. The
second and third drives (D: and E:smile: have XP Home and XP Pro. The first drive (C:smile: I just formatted over
an old XP system using Windows 7. So, in order, I have Win 7, XP Home, & XP Pro. BTW, before adding Win 7, the multi-boot worked fine. After adding Win7, the multi-boot screen does not show and it boots right into win7. I decided to try and reformat D: with a new XP Pro, except when the install went to reboot, it goes straight into Win7. How can I fix this so that all three can boot up using the multi-boot screen without losing the Win7 data?
You need to use EasyBCD to add a single XP entry to the BCD. Then when you select that entry at boot, you will get a second menu if you have two entries in your boot.ini file, allowing you to select which XP you want to boot.
Use [thread=642]EasyBCD 2.0 Beta, Build 63[/thread] though as it automatically creates the necessary boot files in the "system" partition, and configures boot.ini correctly, so you wont have to.
Can I do this all from the Win7 OS, as it is the only one I can get into?
YES, indeed. :smile: Just install EasyBCD in Win 7.