multi-boot problems - Win7-XP Home-XP Pro


I have a hard drive I use for testing. I had it partitioned into three drives or partitions. The
second and third drives (D: and E:smile: have XP Home and XP Pro. The first drive (C:smile: I just formatted over
an old XP system using Windows 7. So, in order, I have Win 7, XP Home, & XP Pro. BTW, before adding Win 7, the multi-boot worked fine. After adding Win7, the multi-boot screen does not show and it boots right into win7. I decided to try and reformat D: with a new XP Pro, except when the install went to reboot, it goes straight into Win7. How can I fix this so that all three can boot up using the multi-boot screen without losing the Win7 data?
You need to use EasyBCD to add a single XP entry to the BCD. Then when you select that entry at boot, you will get a second menu if you have two entries in your boot.ini file, allowing you to select which XP you want to boot.
Use EasyBCD 2.0 Beta, Build 63 though as it automatically creates the necessary boot files in the "system" partition, and configures boot.ini correctly, so you wont have to.