Multi-boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu


I have 2 SATA HDD installed. I want to have a clean installation(even MBR) of Windows 7 and Ubuntu separately. So I did is:
1. Connect SATA1 HDD only and installed Windows 7
2. Remove SATA1 and connect SATA 2, installed Ubuntu9.
3. Connect both HDD and both OS can boot successfully by switching boot order in BIOS
4. Now I set windows7 HDD as first boot device and I want to add Ubuntu to Windows 7 boot menu.
5. I use EasyBCD1.7.2 to config the boot loader. Add Ubuntu from Linux tab and choose Drive1 Patition 0(where ubuntu is installed). Save and exit.
6. Reboot and choose Ubuntu from Boot menu, but failed to boot. There is no problem to boot to Windows 7 (Drive 0).

what is the problem?
Hello newnews, welcome to NST.
Get EasybCD 2.0, install, run it, and then delete the Ubuntu entry.
Add it again, this time selecting the Grub2 option.

And you'll have your dual-boot.