Multi-Boot: XP, Ubuntu Linux



I use Windows XP Pro as my default OS. I also have Ubuntu Linux that I would like to run. I would rather use Easy BCD instead of GRUB, but it will not work correctly. When I boot up, GRUB comes up first, then when I selsect my Windows OS, it brings me to the Easy BCD boot manager. I would rather have the Easy BCD Manager come up first, allowing me to select whether to boot into Ubuntu or XP.

Is there anything that will solve this problem?

You can easily click that by opening the "Bootloader Management" screen in EasyBCD and pressing "Reinstall Vista Bootloader"

However, we recommend you hold off on that until 1.51 is released with proper linux support.
So you created a boot loader with EasyBCD that can manage Linux? So if i come across a build of Linux that will install on my SATA HDD's i can isntall them and not use the Grub Loader?

Multi-booting XP-Home and Ubuntu 9.10 (GRUB2)

Well, here it is, 2010... and I am re-opening a 3-year old thread... :angry:

I have an XP system (re-installed) on which I have added Ubuntu 9.10 into its own partition.
Note: NO VISTA is currently on this system.
Currently, If I boot directly from the hard drive (C:smile:, only the XP partition is seen. (obviously).
The only way I can now access the Ubuntu partition is through a boot CD, such as Supergrub. But Supergrub will not see the Windows partition!
I've already tried GAG without much success.
Can I use Easybcd to somehow to allow me to see these 2 partitions at boot time?
From what I have seen so far, EasyBCD 1.72 needs Vista to be installed.
Yep, you need Vista or Windows 7 in order to use EasyBCD.
However, if you copy grldr and menu.lst over from your linux partition to your Windows partition this may work in your boot.ini file: