multi boot xp vista redhat linux


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i have one dell laptop with preinstalled vista home premium
hd 160 GB, Ram 2GB
it has four partitions from factory -
1. 78 MB (no drive shown)
2. 2.5 GB (no drive shown)
3. C: Windows Vista 136 GB
4. D: Recovery 10 GB

due to obvious reasons i want to install the three OS -- XP,Vista,Redhat linux

please help me how to do it

Well first and formost you ahve to find out what the first 2 partitions are. From there you have to decide to either delete them or add them to Vista or to jsut delete all partitions.

After that you have to create the appropitate sized partitions. From ther eyou have ro install the OS's. With all of this i highly doubt you will be able to keep Vista and still be able to boot it flawlessly.

Vista XP Dual Boot - Understand the basics - The NeoSmart Forums

Read thru the Guide posted there.