Multi Booting with BCD


Hi right now i have a computer with vista and xp installed on to the drive in partitions i really want to be able to run ubuntu also but when ever i install it and make and entry in easy BCD 1.72 and then try to boot it takes me to a black screen with something called grub. Sorry if this is a stupid question its just that ive never run Linux before and have no idea what grub is So after it gets to grub i have no idea what to do.

Am i doing somthing wrong in easy bcd or is there somthing else im doing wrong.
I would like to be able to just boot it from the vista boot loader if i can and have it automatically just open up ubuntu when i puch to boot it and not go through grub.

If you have any ideas it would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

You need the latest beta build from here. With the newest version of Ubuntu you need to add a grub2 linux entry on the Add/Remove entries page. Dont worry about the location (EasyBCD takes care of that for you).
I had the same problem as this guy. Using the 2.0 beta made no difference because the problem was that I did`t actually have GRUB2 installed (I used the alternate installer).

I don`t see why EasyBCD didn`t produce an error message of some sort.
Grub 2?

so do i need to install grub2 or does ubuntu 9.10 come with it?

Oh ya i am also using Wubi to install to a seprate partition!
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A fresh install of 9.10 comes with, and uses grub2. An update from 9.04 will keep the previous grub (optionally)
(make sure you used advanced options and make grub2 install to the Linux partition, not to the MBR, unless you want grub2 controlling the boot and not bootmgr)
So is it ok to have it install with Wubi or should i install it another way and also will it boot with vista boot loader because i also have xp on there so would i still be able to access it and also thanks from everyone who has posted to help!
Wubi's installer should add an entry automatically, but if not you can do so in EasyBCD by selecting Wubi as the type of Linux entry you want to add.
EasyBCD is comprised of a number of components, some of the run at boot time and some of them run when you use the actual EasyBCD software.

Within Windows, EasyBCD cannot read Linux disks. What it did was tell its boot-time components to use GRUB2. So there's limited (in fact, one-way) communication between the two parts, and therefore it's not possible to tell you whether or not it will work ahead of time.
Ok i used the wubi option and booted but it still came up to grub. I have tried it with wubi like 4 times and the first time it created two options and the first one worked but the second one didn't so i didn't want it on my boots screen and ended up getting rid of the right one. Would this screw up when it installs?