Multiboot and Installing RedHat-Vista


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Hello everyone,

Here is the situation;

Installed: Vista_32bit and running on my HD01*
Want to install and multiboot: Redhat under my HD02 (clean 500gigs, currently it is a non-partitioned HD nor mirrored from VistaOS, but it is a NTFS)

*HD= harddrive


How can I run a multiboot, if EasyBCD finds only C: as my single HD?

Past experiences:
When the first time I installed Vista as a test, along with EasyBCD, Redhat on HD02 wasn’t found it all under Vista, I did some research and some people said that my HD-x have to be “activated”, but, at the end that move really broke apart RedHat.

Thank you,

Hey Zac, welcome to NST!

What you need to do:
1) Install Vista (check)
2) Install EasyBCD (check)
3) Boot from RH dvd and install RH.
While installing RH, when prompted to install GRUB make *sure* you tell it to install GRUB to the *bootsector* of the Partition you are installing RH to (opposed to the MBR or the drive that RH is being installed to).
4) Reboot when setup is complete. Make sure DVD is empty. You will end up in Vista.
5) Run EasyBCD -> Add/Remove Entries -> Linux -> Drive X Partition Y

That should do the trick :smile: