Multiboot help needed


First, Hello I'm new here so hello to everyone. :smile:
Now on to the question.
I have a new laptop sony NR-160E/T with 160 gig hdd, it will be here tomorrow. When I get it I will shrink down the partition that Vista is on to the smallest allowed then what I would like to do is install Back|Track 2, Debian Etch, (maybe Ubuntu) FreeBSD and Solaris 10.

So my question is this, first is this possible, and if so, is there any certain order I should use when installing (ie bsd before or after linux)? Also if there are any special steps that need to be taken.

A few years ago i had a quad boot (win 98, win xp, win 2000 and red hat) but wasn't to easy at the time. I also remember having trouble getting a dual boot with FreeBSD 4.11 and debian...not sure what version it was but I never could get a boot menu up.

I have looked in google, but there is really nothing to specific on what I am looking for, if there is anyone here who can offer some pointers or point me in the right direction I would truly appreciate it.

Thank you in advance. :smile:
I would say it is possible. If you can install BSD and Linux together then i dont see what Vista would ahve to do with it. Jsut install them like you normally would. Vista will require at least 20GB of space.

If you wish to have Linux and BSD use the Vista bootloader then you will have to follow the instructions on how to get them added.

Linux - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki

Other than that the rest is up to you.
You can do it one of two ways:
Tell EasyBCD to add a Linux entry for Linux and a BSD entry for BSD, and install the Linux bootloader to the bootsector of the linux partition and the bsd bootloader to the bootsector of the bsd partition or just install the linux bootloader and configure its menu.lst to boot into bsd as well.

Your choice :smile:
Ok Thats sounds good. If I use the EasyBCD does that go on first?? And would I be better off reinstalling Vista as apposed to just shrinking the partition with Gparted?


never mind the last question, I'm reading the documentation from the link Makaveli213 posted above. :smile:
Thanks for all your help...wish me luck :grinning:
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