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Hi @ All,

I'm looking for a very good Multiboot-Loader maybe better than "GAG" "Acronis OS Selector" etc. We all know the difficultis that encounter by using Grub as Bootloader (no SP-Installing in Windows) manual change of the entries, not recognising Windows-Fake-Raid, eavy setup of boot-partiion e.g. on extended partition, etc.
I'm not sure if "grub-customizer" is able to modify grub-2 on separate boot-partition, however...

My opinion is to hold Win and grub2 complete separately, it's mean Easy-BCD hand-over to Easy-Bootloader that manage all kinds of OS's.

It should load the "dmraid" drivers (the only recognising Win-Raid) "/dev/mapper/xyz", all sound, graphyc-card (e.g. to have Full-HD-Resolution), LAN, WLAN, etc.
Could be installed by *.exe if in separate partirion, maybe also as bootable *.iso, in effect if in the Win-Partition are only the links to Linux that should not be a problem. The problem arise when Grub go in the Win-MBR, I think.

Even a new Easy-BCD that recognise each grub2 installled on the PBR is a big step forward like for grub1 already possible.

Please let me know if it's possible and even if I'm still a noob regarding bootloader and for all grub+Linux, let me know if I can help anyway.

Thanks in advance and best regards. Arny
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