multiboot-Neosmart E recovery CD doesn't bring solution.. pls help


I have on C: XP , D: Win7-32 and E: Win10-64
I see all 3 at EasyBCD , at EasyBCD running on Win7-32
I found and corrected error showing Win10 disk as C: - I changed it to correct E:
..but I'm not sure if bootloaders have correct access lines, especially that Win10 one listed..
/btw it is no option to check or input new one if is error.. /

it looks like this now:
Domyślny: Windows_7_32
Czas minął: 30 sekund
Napęd rozruchowy: C:\

Wpis #1
Nazwa: Windows 10
BCD ID: {81cec681-7084-11ec-a675-bf00890ebdc8} (??? what's this??)
Napęd: E:\
Ścieżka bootloadera: \WINDOWS\system32\winload.exe

Wpis #2
Nazwa: Windows XP
BCD ID: {ntldr}
Napęd: C:\
Ścieżka bootloadera: \ntldr

Wpis #3
Nazwa: Windows_7_32
BCD ID: {current}
Napęd: D:\
Ścieżka bootloadera: \Windows\system32\winload.exe
problem is - I can't start WIN10 - become black screen with rolling wheel-dots and cursor, and that's all -
-tried via boot USB -it can't fix comp, can't start "Safe mode" too, cant reverse-stop "waiting actualizations" as it reports..

I bought EasyRE windows Recovery CD, created (as in infos) USB version, and started repairing WIN10 section...
1/power from "0"...
2/ after boot from USB it came:
unstopped flow of things in"DOS-style" screen of checking, doing nobodyknowswhat, without possibility to "pause" just for read it to know what it does..
..finally screen to select system for action":
boot disk C:
win10 C: (this with extra system-icon but WHY as located at C:?)
data disk
data disk
/it didn't found or displayed another 2 systems installed XP and WIN7-32, only WIN10 ..and placed at C:? ... why?/
soo- no choice - I selected to repair that found Win10.. automatic repair "continue"
after 2hrs waiting with no signs of progress I skipped "Memory Test"
then 1-2-3.. "completed successfully- pls eject CD/USB, exit and reboot"
I ejected my USB - -->error screen "upps...something went wrong, this page doesn't exist" or something similar stupid.. comp became frozen

cold power off, restart all once more... this time same till removing USB - after it started again short "DOS-style running screen", comp restarted..
BUT.. as final result -

maybe any good guy can tell me what to do, to get operating this my Win10? (I have there few registered licensed software, and few plugins to those too - simply I 'm not sure if I'll be able to reinstall, reregister of those, once I've used things as registering serials etc.. (of course - I don't remember, and didn't write down all "connected with" -logins and another things I used during registrations-activations.. and all those are extremely important soft to my work -..