multiboot of solaris and freebsd using easybcd


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Is there anyone knows how to install freebsd to extended partition? Can you give me a guide that for example I already partition my extended partition with 6 partition and I want to install it to the first partition in my extended partition.

How to install open solaris/opensolaris to an extended partition. When I boot the cd I just prompt by a "grub>", what is the next thing to do?

Anyhelp from the experts. Thank you very much.
Multi-booting Solaris and other operating systems
Solaris can be installed into a primary partition only. It is not possible to have Solaris UFS file system on a logical volume. Also, there is no use in having more than one Solaris primary partition on the same disk, especially, when we want to install an alternative operating systems. The conclusion is as follows: if you have an old BIOS, cannot split your Solaris installation into two hard disks, and want to install some additional operating system on the same hard disk, partition the hard disk so that Solaris partition is the last primary partition that begins (but not necessarily ends) within the first 1024 cylinders.
I guess Solaris can't be installed to a logical partition. :frowning:

As for FreeBSD, read this link.

FreeBSD needs one of the four entries in the partition table on your PC's hard drive. This primary partition is called a ``slice'' in FreeBSD terminology. It then uses the disklabel program to make up to eight partitions in this primary partition. These logical partitions are called ``partitions'' in FreeBSD terminology. This concept is similar to the way Linux (and DOS) handles logical partitions in an extended partition. You cannot install FreeBSD in an extended partition made by Linux (or DOS). Note that the Linux fdisk program doesn't display the BSD partitions in a FreeBSD slice from the main menu, but it can display BSD disklabel information if you give the command `b'. The output is something like this (/dev/hda4 is the FreeBSD slice):

You may want to look at the prospects of installing both to primary partitions, instead of logical.

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