Multiboot of W7, WXP, Linux, only partially works


I have been using EasyBCD for some time without any problems, until now.
At the moment only Windows 7 (Default) and Windows XP will boot.

My Boot Menu is:

Windows 7 (Default)
Linux 11.04
Windows XP

My problems started with the second Windows 7 hanging at the welcome screen, eventually this led me to replace the OS with a Paragon produced Disc Image which still did not clear the fault

I then went into BCD Backup/Repair > Reset BCD Configuration which cleared all the Boot Menu entries and then I had to Restore the Boot Menu from an EasyBCD Backup and also updated the MBR.
From here on everything went down hill, I could only boot into Windows XP from a floppy boot disk, my retail Windows 7 disk will not boot on my old desktop m/c (Code 5)
At the moment, after some tinkering, Windows 7 (Default) and Windows XP will boot from the BCD menu. The second Windows 7 starts to boot and ends at a black screen after the Windows Logo, Linux defaults into a list of faults at the boot screen.

Since I have a partially working boot set-up, could someone give some step by step guidance to get the boot menu working fully before I mess up again.

Thanks in advance


PS I should have added that the Windows OS's are on partitions on HD0 and Linux on HD2
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