Multiboot Problem solvable with EasyBCD?

from a verry damaged paragon bootmanager installation i have the following left over:
On a 750 GB HD 3 primary partitions with 50 GB each, containing XP, Vista64 and Windows 7, the Linux and data partitions are lost.
Each of the OS is working if i manually activate them, hide the other partitions, correct the MBR and boot.
Is there a way to get this into a working multiboot environment with EasyBCD?

Hello Problem, welcome to NST. :grinning:
Yes, this is easily solvable with EasyBCD. Just boot into Vista using the Paragon boot manager, download and install EasyBCD 2.0 Beta (the latest build), and use Manage Bootloader | Reinstall the Vista bootloader | Write MBR. Next, go to the Add/Remove Entries section, select the Windows tab, and add two entries (one of type "...Nt/XP", and the other of "Vista Longhorn"). When you add the XP entry, you will get a message asking you if you want to let it put the XP boot files (NTLDR, NDETECT.COM, and BOOT.INI) in the correct place, and configure boot.ini correctly, automatically for you. So accept that offer. Important: You may think that the XP entry is pointing at the wrong partition, and should be pointing at the XP partition. But, actually, the entry is pointed at the correct place (and the Drive: selection is greyed out for a reason-namely to prevent you from pointing it at the wrong partition). The BCD entry for XP does not point at the OS partition, it points at the partition which needs to contains the boot files (namely, the "system" and "active" partition listed in Disk Managment). So DO NOT adjust where the XP entry is pointing after it is created, under Change Settings! If you do, you will mess up the boot.
Once you have created the two entries (for the Win 7 entry, you would need to point it at the partition Win 7 is installed to, because the entry in that case is pointing at the "winload.exe" file which is contained in the Windows/System32 directory of the OS partition), then just reboot, and you should have a triple boot.
Post back if you have any more problems.



first of all, thanks.

It took me a while to figure out that i had to unhide all partitions and assign drive letters, then Win 7 needed a "repair" which endet in vista starting screen, and prompting for activation (it didn´t bevor!!)but beeing Win7. So i have a tripple boot system.
What would be the way to reinstall, not repair Win7? leaving all the rest the same?
Meanwhile i'm trying to ad slaxslax via grub, i'm eager to find out how the quatro boot system will work. Then i have all the OS i need and can go back to effective work.
No, i made a 7 gb partition for slax and grub and a 40 gb partition as /home, both ext3 formatted. Slax should be installed from a live cd.
I sometimes need a working linux environment for some software, recording and tv functions, then i need the data accessable under 64 and 32 bit win.
What would be the way to reinstall, not repair Win7? leaving all the rest the same?
Why do you want to reinstall Win 7? Is it because you're now seeing the Vista boot screen instead of the Win 7 one when it boots? This is a problem that the developer of EasyBCD (CG) is currently working on, but so far has not found a solution.
If you really want to reinstall, just go ahead and do that, and leave the rest the same, like you said. :wink: