Multiboot System


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My PCis configured:
System partition C:, 5GB, active, with ntdetect, boot.ini, ntldr for three OS.
D: Win2000, 30GB; E: XP1, 30 GB; D:XP2 for testing, 30 GB.
Instead of Win2000 I like to install win7.

What are the steps to install win7 in D: without destroying the microsoft bootmanager?
How are the steps with EasyBCD V2.0?
Many thanks.
Hi polsz, welcome to NST.
Formatting the Win2k partition, and installing Win 7 on it should not incur any ill effects, and everything should happen automatically.
If for some reason, an XP entry (named "Older version of Windows" probably) is not added to the BCD by the W7 installer, like it should, you can always use EasyBCD 2.0 for that, and let it auto-configure.