Multiboot WinPE CD - How to specify .WIM



New to this so apologies if I'm covering old ground.

I've created an MS Diagnostics & Recovery Toolset ISO, and extracted this to the filesystem.

I've added another .WIM file to the sources folder, which I want to be able to select from the BCD.

I've run EasyBCD and pointed it to the boot files located in the folder I extracted the ISO to.

I'm adding a Windows PE WIM Image (RAMdisk) entry using EasyBCD, however I cannot see how I tell it which WIM the new entry relates to.

When I look at the original BCD entry, the "DEVICE" appears as "[boot]\sources\boot.wim", but every time I add a new entry it just shows "boot"

How can I create an entry to point to "[boot]\sources\mywim.wim" ?

Make sure you're using EasyBCD 2.0+

Go to add new entry -> WinPE.
Browse to the .WIM file on your disk, and select the first .wim image
Check the 'force portable' checkbox and hit add entry

Do the same, this time selecting the second .wim image
Thanks. OK done that. However in View Settings -> Overview Display Mode it still only shows "boot", but in View Settings -> Detailed Display Mode, it shows "[boot]\builddir\sources\mywim.wim"

So there appears to be an issue with Overview Display Mode?

Also, can I edit this path to remove the "builddir"? As it only allows me to browse to a WIM file, it adds the entire path, which isn't correct for the structure of my ISO file.

Finally, I don't seem to be able to edit an entry once created (to change the WIM etc), only delete and recreate the entry. Am I doing something wrong or is this just how things are?

I'm using the latest beta.