Multiple Boot using Multiple Disks


I am having an issue with getting my configuration of easybcd to work. Here is what I have

disk 1: is Windows 7
disk 2: is XP
disk 3: I have split between two linux distros
using EasyBCD version 2.1.2

both disk 1 & disk 2 are split so the OS is on one partition and the my data is on the other.

I can get XP to work with no problem but I am having difficulty getting my linux distro's to launch. When I select one (linux distro) from the launch screen it goes blank for a couple of seconds then it drops me back on the launch screen. I can do this over and over.
The other one I get GRUB on the screen and I have to reboot the machine to get out of that screen.
I have installed the distro's with the grub loader on the same partition not the MBR.
When I set up the easybcd I am using the linux/bsd tab
type: Grub (Legacy)
My linux configurations appear on Disk 2 either partition 2 or 3

I have setup another computer using easybcd where I have win7 and 2 linux distro's on it but everything is on one disk and that one is working perfectly.
So I am thinking it has something to do with linux distros being on a separate disk.

Any help would be appreciated.
What Linux are you using ?
Are you sure they're using legacy grub ? Grub2 has been standard on most recent releases.
If they really are legacy, then you need to tick "Use EasyBCD's copy..." for Linux not located on the Windows "system" drive.
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The two linux distros are openSUSE and LinuxMint.

When I mentioned the legacy grub I meant that is what I am using when setting up easybcd.
Yes, but both of those have switched to grub2 in recent releases afaik.
If they use grub2, that's what you need to select in EasyBCD.
If they're old enough to still be using grub, tick the box.

I changed both of the entries in easybcd to grub2.
The good news is that it now boots into linuxmint. The problem is that both entries will boot me into linuxmint, I can not boot into openSUSE.
When you pick grub2 in easybcd it says that it will automatically configure the entry so I have not way of telling it were either of the linux distros are located.

Is there a way to point easybcd to the locations of a linux distro?
Any help appreciated.
Hi Terry,

I have also two Linux installations – on sdc1 (Ubuntu) and on sdc2 (openSuSE), respectively. I have downloaded the new beta and indeed, I can choose the desired partition now. But it doesn’t matter if I select sdc1 or sdc2 – EasyBCD always installs the sdc1 partition.

Kind regards
I installed easyBCD v2.2 bld 167 and it is still not working properly. I experience the same problem that Albert (entry above) has experienced, both of my entries are still launching the same linux distro (LinuxMint).
I am unable to launch openSUSE even thought I have expressly indicated a different partition for the openSUSE entry in easyBCD.

Any other ideas?