Multiple Grub2 partitions?


I am using EasyBCD 2.0 build 93. I have Win7 and a legacy grub partition on one HDD and two Grub2 partitions on another HDD. EasyBCD picks the same Grub2 in both cases, instead of different Grub2 partitions. Otherwise, all is fine.

Is there a way to force EasyBCD to pick 2 different Grub2 partitions as separate boot entries?

Pardon me if this has been covered, but I have not found it on the forum so far.

Thank you.
You'll need to combine the grub.confs, EasyBCD uses a find method to automatically locate grub2 so it would pick the first instance everytime.
OK, thanks for the prompt reply. I'll have to check, as they may be combined by the latest linux install I did. However, this means we cannot rely on the default options on all grub2 partitions, with the only boot selection being done at BCD level. I guess I prefer to keep grub passive; otherwise, we could make grub the primary bootloader, chainloading BCD, which is what I have read "most folks" do anyway. Kind of negates the need for EasyBCD, to some extent.

What's the philosophical or practical view of others on this point?
You can do it yourself manually by adding a GRUB2 entry which'll automatically boot one of your partitions, then adding a NeoGrub entry that manually chainloads GRUB2 on your other partition.

But Justin (kairozamorro)'s method is better.