Multiple instances of explorer.exe



Hey guys,

I am not sure if this was the right forum to post this issue. I am hoping someone can help me out.

A few days ago I assumed that Microsoft Essentials was loading multiple instances of explorer.exe but today when I looked I see 8 instances of it, so what I did was I closed all of them and then opened 4. I then closed all 4 processes and they are still showing up in my Windows Task Manager. I searched a the net but can't find any answers.

Hope someone can help. :frowning:

UPDATE: Ok, I think I know why this is happening. I modified my Target folder
%windir%\explorer.exe /e,/root,/select,d:

but once I go back to the default, then it all works fine. Why would this be happening?

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Well, I want explorer to open up in my D: drive. I hate when it opens in the default view, which I believe is to display the drives.
Ahh...ok. You were using the wrong switches.

The correct one is:

/root, D:

(No need for the /e or /select switches, because /e is for the default view and /select is to select folders, files, or programs)

So the full command would be:

%SystemRoot%\Explorer.exe /root, D:\
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