multiple linux distros


i currently have multi boot setup... win7 32 bit & win7 64 bit & ubuntu 10.4.
when i try to add more linux distros, easybcd seems to only recognize the first
one. i add all the distros to bcd, but when i select one that is not first in the list bcd always loads the first one on HD2,1. when i add the distros to bcd using grub2, it does not give me an opportunity to select the device. then when i try to start something besides the first linux in the list of entries, it always loads the first entry on HD2,1. is there some way to get around this or am i doing something wrong?? when i installed the first linux, i put the bootloader on the same partition where i installed the distro. i have the latest version of easybcd. i would like to be able to have several linux distros installed & accessable... edit... i have bcd 2.02... just installed bcd 2.1 beta

thanks much for any help..:|
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