Multiple Operating Systems on 2 disks

If you want your V64 system to control the boot, you should simply boot V64 (1st in BIOS) and add entries with EasyBCD using the add/remove entries tab. You don't need to repair anything or rewite MBRs or anything so complicated.
All this unplugging one drive while you do something to another is why you've got so much redundancy and confusion in your system.
Not really since you will still be able to use EasyBCD to add a working copy of V32 into the V64 BCD. The XP drive here can boot by itself while still being an entry in the VIsta loader on the host drive. Ubuntu 8.10 64bit can boot by itself on the 3rd ide drive here while being seen in the Vista boot menu as well.

None of this is a waste of time. It's simply a means of seeing if there's some other problem with the V32 installation where you may end needing to reinstall that all over again if the problem is too severe. Before simply adding it in you want a working copy up and running first.
i unplugged vista64 already!

I unplugged the vista64 drive already. I had tried everything and wasnt able to boot into Vista32, no matter what I tried.

So now Ive unplugged the Vista64 drive and booted into Windows XP. Once again, I tried using the Vista DVD to repair the Vista32 install and that didnt work.

Do I install EasyBCD here on the XP OS and try to add a vista32 entry? Or am I at the point where re-installing Vista32 is the only viable option left?
I was afraid that would come up at some point. If you should end up reinstalling the 32bit edition that will automatically detect and add XP and V64 into it's own boot loader when detecting the other two installations. You would have to set that drive as the default device until the installation is complete there.

To see the 64bit edition become the default afterwards you would then add the new entry in for V32 into the V64 BCD and reset that as the default boot drive in the bios by moving it to the top of the list again. The question still remaining however is did you try to rebuild the V32 BCD or only use the automatic repair tool?

With a fresh install of V32 however you wouldn't have to worry about that since a fresh copy of Windows would be going on. But this would save the time if you had already loaded all of your programs on the existing copy. Most here will agree that installing a fresh copy would solve quite a bit at one time.
Take a look at this image

Here is what the boot loader looks like from within XP, (while the Vista64 is still unplugged).


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Half the problem there is seeing two entries for Vista with XP seen as entry #3. You may have the first entry set as the default while not seeing it when going to boot. When booted in XP you can still see the first deleted and use the "change settings" option to change the default OS on the top portion to Vista #2.
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Have you tried simply booting the V64 system (1st in BIOS) and adding entries for the missing systems ?
I think half the problem being seen there is having added the entries while booted up in XP. Note the drive letters I and D as XP would see another primary on the same drive if XP is seeing itself as C there.

EasyBCD mainly would be on XP for seeing the Vista mbr restored not for adding entries there. I was about to ask that question myself when seeing the post there from XP.