Multiple problems with easyBCD

Just purchased easyBCD 2.3 and iReboot for a dual boot (win7pro / XPpro ) setup.

I followed the guide...

Win 7 was installed first.
Win XP was installed second, on a separate drive.
Installed net 3.5
Purchased & downloaded easyBCD and iReboot.
Installed easy BCD.

First issue-- can't install license on easyBCD. Popup window says it failed to connect to server, even though I disabled the firewall and firefox is able to get through to the internet. (I get the same window when I attempt to check for easyBCD upgrades.)

I then skipped the licensing and was taken to easyBCD program.

Second issue--
With add entry, I got an error saying system could not allocate the required space in a registry log.

Please help.
Thank you.
Well, with all those error messages, I had to toss out the "commercial" version. Fortunately I was able to get the boot loader working using the "community" version.

Then, another problem... iReboot installed but didn't work. I found the solution in this forum: delete the neosmart folder from local app settings :smile:

But iReboot was only functional for a while. In order to prevent XP from wiping out win7 restore points, I had to go into XP registry editor and take win7 drives "offline". Now irboot only works from Win7. In XP iReboot no longer sees the drives. :frowning:


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Catch 22 I'm afraid.
XP cannot be allowed to "see" a Longhorn version of System Restore if you value your ability to use it.
iReboot can't do anything to fix that lack of forward compatibility in XP. It can only boot to things it knows about.
There is a legacy Neosmart program that could do both things at once for you using grub4dos.
I was its primary user (and Alpha tester for the author), though I no longer use it since I abandoned XP many years back, but you can read all about it here
if you're feeling adventurous (always assuming it's still around somewhere).

[Download] Vista Hide 'n Seek BETA
is the full history and background (long read)
Due to its very small user base, it never made it into full support, (though the knowledge gained from the 60-odd builds to get it fully functional on my PC, did spin off into upgrading the very primitive and rudimentary EasyBCD1 into version 2), hence there is no official documentation for it. The above mentioned (latter) link serves in its place.
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Thank you Terry. Very interesting reading.

To whom it may concern at Neosmart, instead of refunding my $39 for the failed commercial license, please send that money to Terry for scone ingredients :smile: