Multiversion Vista/XP boot


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OK, I'm new to EasyBCD and Vista. I work at a small college and we need to test our wireless and some other things with all of the Vista versions prior to students arriving with new machines this fall.

I have a Centrino Duo laptop running XP and I have a couple of USB external hard drives. I want to leave XP on the laptop and install the various flavors of Vista on the USB drives. Then I will probably want to resize the XP partition and install Kubuntu on the internal drive.

Will this work? Is there any order I should install them in? I am planning on installing Vista Ultimate first.

Oops! I just saw another thread that says we can't install to an external device. D@#N! I can't be loading multiple machines!
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Hi BFriend,

Welcome to NeoSmart Technologies. Your plan is quite sound as far as EasyBCD's Linux-Vista-XP capabilities go. However, there is a tiny problem: with Windows Vista, Microsoft has purposely disabled the ability to install it to an external drive.

You may circumvent this ONLY IF your BIOS sees the drive as a normal HD, and not as an external USB drive (very unlikely).