Mutiple instances of OSX


I was wondering if some can help me. I am a bit lost. I have very sucessful muti-boot system running thaks easyBCD.

I have

1. VISTA Home
2. VISTA ULTIMATE - Video editing

I have 2 disd drives disk0 and disk1 bothe SATA

My MACOS is now nearly so procured a new 1TB SATA drive. I created for 4 partitions on the drive, second partition being for HFS. I used OSX to do a drive copy from disk0 partion1 to disk 2 (new drive) partition 2.

Now how I get easyBCD to boot macos from disk2 partition 2 ????
or is OSX bootloader issue???
That explains it - how does it know which one?

Say I have 2 instances of Macos installed say 10.5.6 and 10.5.7.
How can you point it to the one you want?
You can point to either one, but if you try to add the 2nd, it just replaces the 1st I think.
With EasyBCD 2.0, at boot time you can key in a number from 80-90 representing the disk you want to load OS X to after selecting the OS X entry (provided it was installed with the EFI option). This lets you boot into multiple copies of OS X on different disks on the same PC.