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Hi all, new to this forum and embarrassed to say the least.

Yesterday I used EBCD to re write the MBR as every time I logged into my second boot (a 32bit install) it kept logging into my first boot (a 64bit install). So i tried EBCD to repair and rewrite. It didnt work, so I tried to reset (reconfigure i think) EBCD, added the two installs and saved, but now, I can not login to anything, as when I get to where the boot loader choices are, there is an error window with......

file: / boot / easybcd

ae000000026 (or something like that)

Not much help, sorry, its all I can remember, but my question is...

Can I use a USB stick with a recovery program from EasyBCD to repair my two HD boot entries or are they nacked ? I really just want to be able to access them from within windows for now. I am in the process of building a standby desktop PC (using bits from the troubled PC) and should be up and running tonight with a fresh Win7 64bit install and will have to add the two defunct hard drives one by one to try and save them, or have I irreversibly killed them.

If anyone can help, you'd be heroes.

I've just bought and downloaded to my phone the .iso file Easy recovery Essentials. Will have a go tonight.

I did this as I can see on other threads ( there were CMD entries to make to try and force a BCD rewrite, but I tried a few things last night, like bootcfg.exe commands and fixboot etc, but all came back with replies that the HD returned no information. Dir/list etc was the same

I tried a recovery disk, but it said the EULA info was missing so stopped. I tried an install disk hoping to get into the repair side, but went straight to choose language, that bit before it asks where to install the new OS. That means it recognises no installations of any Windows system, not a good sign imo. So resorted to the Essentials in the hope that it will sort it out.

Fingers X'ed
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Good luck with EasyRE. You probably already know this (and I'm only saying it because there are people that don't), but though you can buy EasyRE on your phone just fine, you will need access to another Windows/Mac/Linux PC to create the bootable EasyRE CD.


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Hi Ted, thanks for the reply.

I was panicking a bit, as you do, so i came on here hoping for some help. Upon reading a few more threads I could see a pattern with some problems with EasyBCD, that were in tandem with mine. I should have read a bit further before posting!

I only DL'ed to my phone so I could have a BU in case I couldnt burn or DL it at home. (my boss gave me a DVDRW as HE'S A VERY NICE PERSON)
Anyways, I managed to use this new disc to rewrite one MBR, but even though I can access the other from this, now bootable HD, I can't make it bootable, so I just use it to transfer files to my new install.

When I tried to repair one of the installs with the original OS disc, i went one page beyond the language choices page and there it gives you a choice to install/Repair/exit. Upon repair it said the repair version I had was not compatible with the version on the disc???.
Luckily EasyRE essentials recognised one Win7 install so I could login and save my data. Phew!

All very confusing I know, but I've got a fresh install of Win7 and I'm a bit wiser dealing with MBR/BCD's for the future.