My Computer -> Drive Icons Missing!


Staff member
My Maxtor external drive has lost its usual icon in "My Computer" in Vista RC2. If it was in XP I could find plenty of tools to repair/restore the icons.
Any idea how to do that in Vista?
Note that I don't have System Restore turned on (best not to with multi-boot).

In disk management the icon appears the same as the other drives.

Normally, however, the Maxtor drive shows as it's own individual icon (like an upright drive rather than horizontal as the others) in "My Computer".
So basically it's just the icon that is missing in action.
It appears in my XP's OK and was there in Vista until yesterday I think's a USB drive.

This is how the icon looks in XP and DID look like in Vista & below that the UI showing what the drive looks like, the icon being a smaller version of that pic: