My first dual boot...


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I'm going to do my first dual boot...and I don't want to fail :smile:

This is my situation:

First HD with Seven 32bit (SATA)
Second HD with Xp pro 32bit (IDE)

I've installed both OS, separately...I mean that when I've installed Seven, I haven't connected the IDE HD with XP pro
So the situation now is that I can change from Bios (only by entering with F2 or canc in boot selection) if i want to run XP or Seven.

Now i want to do my first dual boot, so When i start Seven it will ask me what OS to run.

Someone can help me with detailed instructions or point me to documentations on how to do dual boot with two different HD and my own situation.


EDIT: I've read some discussions and some guides on this forum, and Seems that the only thing that i need to do is add an entry of XP in seven...

...i do that, the boot manager appears at start but when i choose XP a black screen say that it's inpossible start xp due to some missing files... :scared:

So, What should I do???
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Use EasyBCD 2.0 latest build (not 1.7 which requires you to know how to do the additional tasks after adding a BCD entry for XP).
2.0 will do all the other stuff for you.
Delete the XP entry, add it again, let Easy2 auto-configure when it offers. Don't change the drive assignment it uses for XP.

It's all in the sticky
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