my first Vista oddity !?


Vista Ult x64

right click- computer
left click- Manage


windows cannot open this file:

X-use the web service to find the correct program
X- select a program from a list of installed programs

turns out "services" has the same issue as well as a few other windows programs. I did run a chkdsk with no resolve.
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I hate to blow my own horn, and probably violate a double post rule... but

turns out I'm not the only person with this problem

it was simply a file association issue

all services need to be re-associated with mmc.exe (Microsoft management council) in the system32 folder

looks like ccleaner's registry cleaner option is the culprit

any other reg cleaners out there for vista?
Eusing Registry Repair is one of many. There are all sorts of them out there, if they will not cause the same problem is another story.