My laptop was hacked, we formatted it, I had backup but the bootmgr is missing after

This is a Dell Precision M4400, 64-bit with Windows 7 OS. At least it was before we formatted the internal hard drive. We then tried to recover the Master boot record plus the C and D drive which were separate partitions on the internal hard drive. Now every time it is reboot it just says "BOOTMRG is missing".

I purchased your Windows Recovery Disc and placed the ISO on a CD, booted to the CD and still only get "BOOTMRG is missing". All I am able to do is get to the BIOS and run diagnostics. Nothing wrong with the hardware. I don't have media to reinstall Windows 7. On Monday, Apr 8th I will call Dell Support to pay for a DVD with the OEM version of Win 7. I have the serial number for the OS...

Do you have any suggestions. I hate to just sit here looking at a laptop that I NEED to use. >.<

Perhaps I did something wrong by just dragging & dropping the ISO on a CD. ???

Thank you,
Jamie Kent


Mostly Harmless
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That's excellent news, Jamie. Glad it worked :smile: