My laptop won't start.


As I said in the title, my laptop won't start.
Last Friday, I was using the internet, clicked on a link and went to the kitchen to check on something while it was loading. I come back and find that my computer screen is white except for some repeating pixels that might have been part of a graphic on the page I was about to visit. I turned off my computer and then turned it back on again. All the lights turned on but the screen remained black, then after a while the lights turned off for a second then turned back on again. I asked someone more knowledgable on computers than me what to do and they said to get my recovery disk and use it.
I got out all the stuff that came with the computer and couldn't find a recovery disk, but I found something saying that I had to make one myself. I looked a little harder and found something else that said I could download one off of the internet. Then I searched online (I'm using a public computer at the moment), and found the one for Vista on this site, but I don't have a disc with me so I can't download it. I figured that since I was here I might as well ask for some advice on what to do.
I have a HP pavilion laptop that runs on Vista. That's all the information I can think of off the top of my head, but I'm sure there's more that someone else can think of and I can't.
Hi flame1champ, welcome to NST

Since you don't have access to the resources to burn a recovery disc at the moment, let's try safe mode first. As your computer is booting, hit F8 until an advanced boot options menu appears and than select safe mode (first option in the list). If you can get into there safely, use system restore to put the computer back a day or two in configuration or least to the last restore point available to see if that fixes it.
If you can't access the Vista extended boot with F8, I believe HP will access its recovery partition with F11. You can read how to use it here.
If you get in there, and the option is available, make your portable recovery disks before doing anything else.