My pc has met it's match

Just a note to say it's been a while since last visit but everything has been hunky dory, no problems what so ever.
However, today my trusty pc finally met it's match.
Installed "COD Advanced Warfare" and was informed that my cpu did not match requirements.
I have never overclocked, or needed to; and to be truthful, don't really know how.
Does one overclock the cpu or the graphics card or both?
My motherboard a MSI P35 platinum supports D.O.T but I am very wary of using something I don't understand fully.
It may be, that if my cpu is below what is needed for the game, then overclocking might not help anyway!
I currently have a Intel (R)core(Tm)2 Duo E8200 @ 2.66Ghz and wonder if I could upgrade this to something much better, without breaking my limited bank account.



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I don't think anyone here overclocks to be honest but I could be wrong, so maybe someone will post. It's a question really for the many overclocking forums.
My machine can be overclocked as the BIOS allows it and the motherboard maker even provides software to enable it to be done from the desktop on an 'on demand' basis.
GPU overclocking is a field I am not at all familiar with however, although I've seen many gamer computers advertised with GPU's already overclocked and it usually means extra cooling is necessary for both the CPU and GPU. Hopefully someone with more knowledge will chip in here.
All I know is, the one time I tried overclocking my CPU up to 4ghz it worked wonderfully well but ran far too hot (high 90's C) even with my water cooling so it's back to it's default 3.5ghz. I haven't the faintest idea how to do the O/C with the GPU.
I see that OriginPC are offering gaming rigs with O/C CPU's up to 4.8ghz and GPU's "O/C to the max" whatever that level may be, but they recommend enhanced sealed liquid cooling at least and preferably both CPU and GPU cryogenically cooled (needs topping up from time to time and depending on the GPU choice of course).
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