My pc won't boot help me please.

Hello everyone, i have windows8 installed on my lappy but i cant boot it anymore well what i did was i just changed boot drive from 100mb system reserved partition to c: drive by using easy bcd since then my pc refuses to boot may be thats the boot mgr issue which was moved to c drive or i might have done something wrong. when i turn on my pc just a blink appears i can boot from installation dvd and tried fixing bcd using command prompt with fix mbr,fixboot,rebuildbcd command. nothing worked what should i do? i even tried installing new Os but installation doesn't complete reboots and same blink appears instead of continuing Os installation.
should i use easy recovery essential ?
is there any other way to fix bootloader?or should i wipe the hard drive and install Os from scratch?will it recreate boot mgr files or fix bootloader?
im new to this forum any suggestion is appreciated


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Windows 8 must boot from the system partition (that's where the boot files are)
Windows 8 doesn't actually boot or shut down when you tell it to. It secretly hibernates and resumes, and you have locked it into a loop where it's continually trying to resume hibernation from the wrong place.
Windows 8 boot problems ? Please read this before posting
Can you force the PC into a cold boot by resetting the CMOS and going into the BIOS setup utility and resetting the system partition as the primary boot location ?
Hi thanks but please give me easy idea im not familiar with cold boot or cmos..... can i wipe my hard drive and install new os will it re create boot mgr files or system reserved partition? if not then is there easy way to create system reserved parttion along with installing new os? if i formatted windows8 partition then will my pc be on non bootable state? please suggest.