My Switch (of Computers)


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(seeing as i have already made the switch from Windows lol)

okay, i have been talking to my mother about this, she had a rogue security program get on their XP pro PC, and she eventually got through it with the help from the SpyDoctor and computer associate anti-virus

that machine are running on is the first one i build, and i am missing its dual core ( :frowning: lol )

ATM its solely running XP pro and thats all, its on a 60Gb HD. i have been thinking, i need that extra processor power. But i know that i can not take vista out of its current machine.... because of the fact that it pre-installed by HP. (which i think it is very annoying that Microsoft did that and i read that you can't install the vista to another machine until after uninstalling it from the first :frowning: )

so, my deal is, i want "my" computer back and i will be giving my mother "her" HP (she did buy it for me lol) with vista on it. which isnt a problem for me. (but i will be taking my gb of Ram out and switching it for her 700 something Ram lol ) they both have DVD/CDrw's and both have modest graphics. what i am mostly worried about is her computer dieing from a virus or something... that would be bad lol and they dont need to be installing much of anything.

so, i was thinking, vista has more "built-in" protection correct? if so then that would be good.

i am mainly wanting my machine back lol

i would also be installing DebIan (or ubuntu maybe hmmm) on to this machines Vista HD, which i have to majorly clean out and then partition and set up the dual boot.

which i should be fine on, unless i run into the same problems i had before (EW)

just some thoughts, i would like some advice please :smile:
Well the thing about OEM copies of Windows is that they can't be moved to another PC (that's kind of the point, :lol:smile:

Your mother should be fine with Vista, but you need to put her (and yourself) a decent antivirus program. Kaspesky and NOD32 are the best.

As for your Vista problem - there really is no solution. If you want the dual-core, you'll have to either get another copy of Vista or live without it :x.
^ thanks for the advice

and i already have a dual-core: AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ Processor - 2.0GHz, 1MB Cache, 1000MHz (2000 MTs) FSB, Toledo, Dual-Core, OEM, Socket 939, ADA3800DAA5CD, Processor at

that is inside my first computer, the one ill be switching my current HP with.

my HP has vista, and my first computer has XP Pro. which isnt a problem im just going to be adding the ubuntu, and GRUB will auto-detect the change from vista to XP?

i think i will partition vista and add ubuntu before the switch. my mother only have dialup :frowning: lol