My Ubuntu 7.04 CD has arrived


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I gather installing it will rewrite the boot sector? I've freed up a partition after Vista for it...I gather also it's better to have the OS's in order....XP > Vista > I right?

Now what....I'm scared...LOL This is uncharted territory.
XP->Vista->Linux will boot using the Linux bootloader. It will no longer work if you repair install Vista.
XP->Linux->Vista will boot using the Vista bootloader - via EasyBCD of course. It's safe to repair/reinstall Vista after this.
I'm doing some reading here and there and gather that I need a swap partition as well as the installation partition...correct?

HD1 has 138Gb open right now. (after the Vista partition). Will I be able to tell Linux what partition(s) to use?

There's also all this stuff I'm reading about having to tell GRUB that Vista is there by writing script etc. etc.
I think you don't have to use swap if you don't want to on Ubuntu 7.04, it will tell you that you don't have swap partition and it will allow you to install without problems without swap partition. Swap is used just for system to install faster, so it's not something you gotta have. In older versions of linux distors you would have specify swap partition (at least 512MB) but now, newer linux's are great, you don't even need swap to install it :grinning:

You'll enjoy linux, how many cds did you get?
Just in case I formatted that partition to ext3 (Linux) and created a 2gb swap partition right at the end of it.

Now the question is what to do when installing Ubuntu in order to get Vista bootloader back?
Well, Ubuntu is out - I'm sorry. I didn't wait but went by advice I read online. Booted from the disk and it started millions of errors then just stopped dead in it's tracks.
Tried rebooting and it wouldn't go beyond a screen saying Intel at the top and some motherboard details plus "In dual DDR400 paging mode - press F2 to setup and F12 to boot from network. Clicking F2 got me nowhere at all. (Waited 1 hour)

I had to unplug everything and unplug one of the hard drives to stop the cycle. Now we are hopefully back to normal again...although I haven't yet tried to boot into Vista.

Update, Vista boots fine.

So all in all I am not impressed with's a pain in the you know what.
It's alright :smile: It's not you, I think you should picture all that errors and stuff, all step by step, I really love to give a hollers to ubuntu developers :tongueout:. And they usually fix it in next version, or give you special update right then and also include that to next version.

I'm sure you can find linux for your monster, I mean PC :grinning: Maybe I can do something about that...
The BIOS is at default. I've never altered anything there except password it. I'm probably doing things all wrong. Perhaps I should let Ubuntu decide on unallocated space rather than pre-formatting it?
I assume I install the normal way, boot from the disk.
I remember getting a menu, Install was the first item another was "Check CD for errors" (I think), there were several choices).. I clicked install. From then on nothing seemd normal.
It posted line after line of errors then just stopped dead. There was some choice at the end of the screen which didn't work, can't remember what that was.
Wait, wait, was there "Start or Install Ubuntu 7.04" option? Looks like when you say that you've clicked install, that must be Start or install, ok, when you click install, kernel loads, and then you get errors, or after you boot into Ubuntu and when you click "Install on disc" icon?
It was definitely "Start or Install", then the screen filled up with errors. Maybe I didn't wait long enough but to me it seemd like hours and nothing was happening except more errors?
I just tried it again and had to dismount 1 hard drive reboot, reconnect HD, reboot to get back to Windows. "Exit" didn't do anything except add another entry on the screen.

Methinks it's gonna be too much of a headache plus I am not an egghead that loves writing commands...I like easy UI interfaces.

I see little advantage to it from what I've been reading, except, as I said, to those boffins who love doing things the hard way.

In my mind computers should be all touch-screen, voice commanded and keyboards should be only used as the last resort....LOL
Ex_Brit said:
In my mind computers should be all touch-screen, voice commanded and keyboards should be only used as the last resort....LOL
Yeah, I'm thinking about TabletPC, but still I'm not sure about performance and graphics, maybe it's not strong enough...