My Vista Quit


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so my story goes, it seems i was trying to do the same thing as all of these other people (wanted both xp and vista.) what happened was...I partitioned my disk with Partition Manager with 130ish going toward my Vista (Main OS) and 50 going for my XP (both NTFS)...then I went into EasyBCD and I added a new entry for Windows XP. At this point my Vista was on drive C: and my XP was going to be in drive E: (single HD)....I planned to restart my computer with my xp cd...install into the E: partition and then the magical EasyBCD would notice both and I would be fine. The problem is: XP did not recongize my E: partition and I thought I would reboot back INTO Vista and try to repartition again. Here is the REAL REALLL issue: because I changed EasyBCD (with the newly added XP in E:smile: Now there is a HUGE problem of NOTHING coming boot VISTA loading...and flashy black screen. THAT'S IT! I'm 100% sure it's the EasyBCD program...but now all I have in my Vista CD and a command prompt...(recovery not possible for some reason as well) I know this isn't harddrive has something to do with my assigning Windows XP to E: and Vista to C: now I can't load anything. My main quesition is...I need a way to uninstall EasyBCD and set my bootloader to my original BCD of Vista so it will load properly. I have too many files on here to lose. PLEASEEEEE help me reset my bootloader to my default Vista loader.

Well Drew, I'm a 120% certain EasyBCD isn't the problem.
Why? Because EasyBCD doesn't touch the MBR and EasyBCD isn't a bootloader by itself :smile:

We wrote EasyBCD to add entries to the Vista bootloader that do things like load Linux and OS X. EasyBCD itself isn't loaded in the MBR - the only thing in the MBR is Vista's *default* BCD bootloader.

It sounds like a corrupt MBR issue to me - that's not good news. Probably some of the changes Vista did to the NTFS filesystem didn't agree with your MBR which was non-standard for some reason, and when XP's bootloader was rewritten, nothing would boot.

Boot from the Vista DVD, and select advanced startup repair options, automatic repair. Let it finish then reboot :smile:

Hope this helps!

And here's the documentation for Windows XP and Vista with EasyBCD: