Mysterious & Superfluous Boot Menu Entry is invisible to EasyBCD

EasyBCD certainly works well. I have modified my boot menu to my hearts content from a Vista boot, except there is one problem: While EasyBCD shows only two boot entries, the actual boot menu has three, and the third doesn't work. Although I want to delete the third entry, I can't because it is invisible to EasyBCD. How can I eliminate that superfluos entry? Other facts, (1) The Mysterious entry is titled the same as the title for Win 98SE I originally modified boot.ini to when I was using the boot menu generated by the original XP install. (2) The Windows 98 Boot and the Windows XP Boot are represented by only one entry Vista created and that segues to the old XP vs Windows 98SE boot menu, which all works (3) I have since used EasyBCD to add another entry for a Windows 9x boot, and that worked, although the previous Windows 98SE entry, which does not work, continues to appear. Thank you for any help you might offer in this.


Mostly Harmless
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Hi David,

It's importing a virtual entry from your boot.ini file, it's not an entry that's present in the BCD and hence won't be shown in EasyBCD.
You can delete it from within EasyBCD by using Tools | Edit Legacy Boot menu.

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