Mystery Vista Problem with 1 Secure Web Page


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This started Tuesday. Being the older and lazier person that I am I do much of my grocery shopping online and have it delivered. ( ). Right now, with my heart on the blink, it isn't such a bad idea anyway, but I digress.

OK, here's the issue. I can get a grocery list compiled with no problem but all of a sudden I cannot checkout, i.e. go to any htttps pages on their website. The page just hangs forever - no errors or anything to tell me what is the problem.
I have no problems with other secure sites such as online banking etc. so I wrote an email to their IT department who are denying that anything has changed at their end.

The only change in Vista since I last successfully used their website was an update to Windows Defender, and a KB that I installed to enable viewing of the old style .hlp pages in Vista, which I've uninstalled and it made no difference.
I even repaired Java, which is the latest version.

I've tried using the reset button in IE7 - no change. But this happens in Firefox also - so it seems to be a general issue in Vista.

In my XP boot, where I am now, I have no problems with the website.

Any ideas anyone?
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You mean in the LAN settings box...nothing in there, but this is also happening in Firefox, so it's a Vista issue. (Or, their website has a problem with something unique to Vista).

I tried Googling this but came up with few references and they were all about Vista's early days.
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Thanks per my email, that cut me off from the internet for some reason so have restored back to Monday and everything now works, including that pesky grocery website.
I am wondering it it was either of these two strange Windows Updates...KB946486 which is labelled as important for Vista, but the KB article says it's for XP Windows Live Photo Gallery. Or, KB910510 which is a controversial one. Labelled important and is for
This update for Windows Vista detects exploits that may be present on a system. An exploit bypasses licensing and activation. This behavior allows for counterfeit copies of Windows Vista to run without ever having to be activated. Activation exploits make alterations to key Windows system files. These exploits affect both system stability and security.

When the update is installed, no functionality of your operating system will be affected. If no exploits are detected, the update silently exits. If exploits are detected, you will be provided a link to a Web site that describes how you can remove the exploits. When the exploits are removed, you may be asked to use a valid product key to activate your copy of Windows. If you do not want to remove the exploits, Windows may disable the exploits and then ask you to use a valid product key to activate Windows.

So I am hiding those updates for the time being.



Having disabled System Restore following the above procedure and doing a complete disk cleanup/defrag etc., I started over. After carefully setting restore points before each update, despite the fact that Windows does it anyway, I have reinstalled those two updates and so far, the website works OK.
I'm wondering if I had a nasty on my machine somehow and using restore got rid of it?

Thanks for the help anyway.
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Another one to add to the book, I guess. As hard as I try to keep an open mind about Vista...............