NDLR not found


Recently my buddy and i decided to add on a secondairy XP partition on my Win 7 laptop. We installed it without a hitch (I forgot to allocate enough space to the xp drive put thats solved.) approximately 1 month ago my neighbor and i decided to download Shutter Island. He downloaded a DVD rip. The day the movie came out. From Camelot. Needless to say that infected my computer. Babylon installed itself :rage:. 2 weeks ago the fan died on it so i sent it into Geek Squad. Upon its retun i decided to nuke the 7 drive and reinstall. Today i needed to use a program that worked on XP so i uninstalled my vista boot loader, then rebooted. Now i get the screen "NDRL not found push crtl+alt+del to restart" How can i fix this (if possible, my buddy who helped me set up the dual boot said it might be bricked:scared:smile:?