Need advise about this please


I have an amd athelon 64x2 dual core processor 4200 + 2.20GHz with 1791 Ram, 32 bit operating system running windows vista home premium fat32. The computer came preloaded and no disc.

I d/l the vista recovery ISO and burned it with ImgBurn to DVD, It said it was successful and I wanted to test it so I changed the boot sequence to boot up from cdrom. I shut down and restarted with the dvd in the cdrom and hit F12 and it showed me the boot sequence, it hadn't changed, so I repeated the boot up from cdrom first and hit enter, it booted into my desktop and that was all it did.( at least I know it will boot to desktop :smile: Since I have no issues with vista running, my question is, is that all it was suppossed to do, or was it suppossed to bring up a panel or recovery options or something or would it only do that if it picked up a problem with vista. Thanks in advance :smile:
Dont hit F12. Just let it startup with the CD in the tray. From there you should see the words

"Hit and key to boot from CD"

Then hit a key and it should load from the CD adn give you the Screens that it shows in the Wiki.
Just as a side here.....FAT32 isn't exactly the ideal file system for Vista....I would make a priority of changing that to NTFS.

All you have to do is to take advantage of the command line Convert utility. Click on the Start sphere, and then in the Start Menu search box simply enter "cmd" and hit enter. Once you have decided which partition to switch from FAT32 to NTFS then write "convert : /fs:ntfs". For example, if I were to convert E:/ from Fat32 to NTFS then I would simply enter "convert e: /fs:ntfs." Additionally, there is the old handy "convert /?" command that will bring up information on how to manage the conversion.

Enlarge picture
As long as the disk that you want to convert is not in use, you'll be fine. Otherwise, the conversion must be postponed for the next time you reboot. On Windows Vista start up, you will be prompted to either cancel or carry on with the conversion. The process is fully automated and it involves a couple of restarts. Just let Windows Vista do the work.
thanks so much Makaveli213, I will follow your instructions to view the screens to make sure I burned it properly and all is well.. :smile:))))))

EX-BRIT, THANKYOU for the advise but I am not sure I should do anything while all is running so well, I have none of the problems others I hear about have and like the old saying what is not broken don't fix lol . :smile:
Well it's up to you of course but NTFS is inherently more secure than FAT32 for starters. It is also faster and offers more options than FAT32.
It can be converted on the fly without losing any data.
Ex_Brit is right, sarah. It's actually a very easy, safe, and pain-free process to make the switch - highly recommended!