Need Asus x83vb-x1 Recovery Disk help plz!


My computer decided last week it was going to take forever to boot up and my only option (in my mind) was to reformat the whole hard drive and start from scratch. I just bought this computer a few weeks ago on ebay so I have no backup disks. I have a legit copy of both Vista and XP, but I do not have the recovery disks for the drivers. Anyone happen to have one that could be zipped to me? I have the x83vb-x1. Or any suggestions where one could be downloaded? Thanks for any help!
Thank you for the link. The problem is that I believe I need to install the drivers first, before installing the operating system. The issue I'm facing is that downloading each of them independently would take a while and then I do not know how to make them into a bootable CD. It is my fault for not being more specific in my request! I'm kinda new to this.
Its the other way around. You need to install the operating system first before you can install drivers. If you are having problems getting the installer working check your BIOS to see if you can put the disk in ide/sata compatible mode. This well sometimes cause the XP installer to load properly, though you must keep the computer in this mode in order to continue using XP. If that don't work you'll need to put the disk driver on floppy or cd-rom (if you're using Vista/W7) if you'd like and load them during setup (with F6 for XP and earlier when it tells you to) or ("Load Driver" on partition screen during Vista/W7 installation).