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well, my computer has been randomly shutting down lately and i read it could be the video card. the people i asked said to uninstall and reinstall the drivers. i removed the video and audio drivers and attempted to reinstall them. the video driver was easy to reinstall and all is well. the audio driver however has given me a lot of problems. im pretty computer illiterate when it comes to sound cards and drivers.

my soundcard is built into my mobo which is a:

Asus Socket 939 A8N-E for AMD CPU
NVIDIA nForce 4 Ultra

im running Windows XP.

like i said, im very computer illiterate with this kind of stuff so i really need help. if anyone knows step by step what i should do, id appreciate being able to listen to music again :smile:

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Doing a bit of Googling, got me these results.
First HERE
Gives this page....
Realtek Drivers for all Windows/Linux etc. versions HERE


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Welcome to NeoSmart Technologies, retrospect.

Try the drivers Peter found, they'll probably take care of your issues. The Realtek XP drivers are quite reliable and as close to bug-free as drivers can get (more or less).

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